You are one Send button away from Love

Keep your Social Life Alive

Swan Chat is when Technology meets Love

Technology has become so advanced and has changed the way we interact with each other today. Expressing heartfelt sentiments to one another has never been possible with technology. Thanks to the team who have worked tirelessly in the past six months to develop Swan Chat though!

Swan Chat is going to revolutionize how we interact, taking a step closer to prove that technology does not change the way we love. 

The 6 Core Features of Swan Chat

Turning Awkward Conversations into Meaningful Interactions

Instant Messaging Function

Members can start chatting away with Swan Chat anywhere, anytime. Express precisely how you are feeling from emojis, photos and videos sharing to voice messages. Keep the conversations alive and make it memorable.

Emoji, Photo and Video Sharing

It all begins with a HI

Swipe & Chat

Coming Soon

Making friends from around the world has never been easier with Swan Chat. All you need to do is Swipe and begin with a Hi. As your privacy is taken seriously, only people who you matched swipe with can message you. No random or disturbing messages from strangers, use Swan Chat at ease. You can always make a report if something goes wrong and we will take care of it.

Find Friends Nearby
Matching Feature

Keep in touch with Group Chat

Unlimited number of groups await

Coming Soon

Swan Chat allows you to create groups and stay in touch with the people that matters to you. These group of people can be your family, friends, co-workers, travelling mates and more. You can start a conversation, share photos, videos and even documents with up to 500 people at once.

Create Groups
Join Groups
Search for Groups
Sharing Feature

Leave your Wallet at Home

Digital Wallet

Coming Soon

Swan Chat provides a convenient payment system where you can pay, receive payments, transfer money and spend. Fingerprint recognition, one of the most secure methods of authentication is implemented to protect every single transactions made with Swan Chat.

Fingerprint Recognition
Highly Secured Payment System
Digital Wallet Features

Capture and Share the Moments

Build moments together

Coming Soon

Every Swan Chat users are able to share the moments of their life with their friends. Let your friends be part of your happiness, sorrow, joy and every other memorable moments. There is also a 24-hour chronological content known as “Stories” in real time that will always keep you refreshed and updated.

Moments Sharing
Real Time Stories
(24 Hours)

Brand Management Never Been This Fun

Business Account (Subscription Fee)

Coming Soon

If you are looking to start a business but do not know where to begin, you can sign up for Swan Chat’s business account and develop your own online store right away! Manage your online brand via Swan Chat Business and build your reputation with every users. Make use of every features available that benefits your brand. Expand your customer base, improve your customer service and soon every customer of yours will be highly satisfied.

Business Account
Customer Base
Online Store Features

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Swan Chat

Features are customised based on user experience
Potential cross-platform development that seek to overtake the mainstream social media framework
Simple user interface. Download and use it like a pro right away.

Join Swan Chat Now! A community network that belongs to everyone.